Susan Lombardo  |  February 8, 2024


If you are thinking of selling your home in 2024 or 2025, now is the time to meet with a trusted real estate agent – it is truly never too early. Why so early?  I’m glad you asked!  I have people as far out as 4-5 yrs. in my business pipeline that I am guiding, sharing contractor resources, etc.! Why so early?  I’m glad you asked so keep reading!

Most sellers are angst about having a realtor over “until the house is ready”.  That is the worst idea EVER! Don’t even worry about that - I see past everything and can pull the potential out of your home.  Engage with a realtor very early in the process so that you really understand what projects and updates you should do to maximize your return on investment.   This also gives you the ability to shop prices and get competitive quotes instead of enduring the difficulties of getting on a contractor’s schedule if you wait.

Too many people wait until it’s “ready” and then tell the agent all the things they spent money on and many times those dollars were not well spent.  Or worse, what they spent their money on will not change the price point or yield the return they thought it would.   This is your most valuable asset so navigate this process with the advice of a pro!


Here is an easy list of things that always matter and a good order to follow:


  1. Spend money in this order: exterior (when is the last time you had your home painted and wood rot repaired), kitchen (it truly is the heart of the home) and master bath (these 3 things are most important). (use a color expert and I have recommendations!)
  2. Pressure wash EVERYTHING as you get close to your “on market” date. Get this professionally done – it makes a difference.
  3. Yard Maintenance & Improvements – if your yard needs attention, it’s expensive to pull it together at the last minute. Hire a qualified lawn care company and chemical treatment company now to revitalize your lawn, get those tree canopies trimmed now so that grass can grow by the time you list. 
  4. Start the great purge. Pick one drawer, one closet, one shelf, one box and knock it out daily.  You will be shocked how quickly it adds up.  Avoid the last-minute stress of doing it all at once.  Start with 2 large boxes: what are you throwing away & what are you donating).  You can text HOPE Charity at 678-949-6482 when you are ready for a pickup.  Very simple scheduling and they are always on time. 
  5. Get a market evaluation now – this will let you know what your margins are…how much is too much to spend? If I do x, y or z – will I get my money out of it? 


We are marching towards a very strong start to 2024, call me for advice on all these things, I am here to help!


Susan Lombardo has the best experience to guide you through the buying and selling process. Susan has lived in the North Atlanta area for over 15 years and gained numerous accolades as a seasoned realtor. Contact her for excellent real estate advice.

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